Stop Trying To Make Everything “Easy”

Puzzle 2 pc

I remember one time trying to find a parking space at a store during Christmas and looking for a spot close to the entrance. It was crowded and everyone else was trying to do the same thing. After driving around the parking lot about 3 times, I had had enough.  I then drove to the very back of the parking lot, parked the car  and walked the distance to the store. As I walked, I passed by the same cars that had been with me trying to do it the “easy” way, still driving around and searching for a closer parking space.  I smiled at them as I realized that the “hard way” was actually the better way!

Easy is often a great starting point. Easy is often a way to bring clarity to something. Easy can be helpful. But “easy” is not always the best.

Easy can lead to lazy. Easy can get boring.  And easy can keep you from being your best.

On the other hand, weight training is hard, but it is effective for building strength. Running is hard, but it can result in energy and a healthier heart. Studying is hard, but it can make you smarter. Learning a new skill is hard, but it can help you to stay sharp and effective.

Sometimes “hard” challenges and tasks  are exactly what we need to move forward, get stronger and grow.

I think we often do a lot of unnecessary work and waste a lot of time trying to figure out the easiest way to do something. Sometimes it’s best to just embrace the hardness of a situation and do it, anyway.

Think about a slow cooked, homemade meal.  Now think about a fast food lunch.

“Easier” doesn’t always mean “Better.”



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