Embrace The Work

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If God calls you to do something, it doesn’t mean that everything from that point forward will be easy.  Ask Gideon, Daniel, Moses, Joshua, Paul and a host of others who obeyed God in the Bible. Often, what they were called to do was hard. God never told them it would be easy. He told them that He would empower the work and do it through and around them.

Gideon still had to gather an army and engage the Midianites. Moses still had to confront Pharaoh, deal with critics and lead the people out of Egypt. Joshua still had to fight for the land of Canaan through many battles. Paul still had to endure the beatings, shipwrecks, challenges to his authority, arguments and hardships.

Jesus didn’t say it all would be easy – He said that His “yoke” is easy, and that He provides rest for our souls as we work with Him. In other words, don’t work against Him, work with Him and the burden, the heavy lifting, is shifted to Him.

So if He’s called you to it, throw yourself into the work.  Just embrace it. God doesn’t call us to do anything without Him.  In fact, Jesus actually insists about Himself that “Apart from me you can do nothing.

And when we throw ourselves into His work with Him, He stretches us, grows us, is with us and His rest genuinely refreshes and restores.


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