Kids on the Stage at Keystone Church

Brandon Thomas is in the middle of a great series called, “Open House” at Keystone Church in Keller, and this week the message was about Parenting.

As a part of the “set” during the message, they had a couple of kids on stage playing in the background. Throughout Brandon’s talk, they were quietly playing “Uno,” listening to Ipods, reading books, and gently rolling a ball back and forth.

I suppose if the kids had gotten a little rowdy it would have been distracting, but that’s probably why they had two girls up there! 🙂

It was a cool addition that brought the stage alive during the message with a visual reminder that parenting isn’t just an “academic endeavor.” Seeing real kids in the background while talking about God’s design for parenting was just a great element.

Dug it. I’m definitely filing that idea away for another day. 🙂


Sorry for the blurry photo, but I tried to snap a pic with my phone from the second row without calling attention to myself…


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